Thank you to the campaign leaders and donors who have contributed over $6 million to the Heart of Campus, including 100% Board of Trustees giving participation towards this exciting initiative.


Cornerstone Donor: $1 million and above

Visionary Donors: $500,000-$999,999
Jeff ’75 and Karen Silberman

Capstone Donors: $250,000-$499,999

Ayse Benker and Cevdet Samikoglu
Diana and Kevin Casey
Jack Crivello II
The Gooding Family Foundation
Carol Vassiliadis

Founder Donors: $100,000-$249,999
Tom and CoCo Bancroft
Jim and Judi Douglas
David Gray and Sarah White
Sally and Daniel Lawrence
Patsy and David Marino
Chuck and Christi Miyahira
Michele and Bob Rogers
Tim and Kim Schnell
Stephen and Patsy Tomlin

Major Donors: $50,000-$99,999
Marco and Kimberly Alessio
The Anklesaria Family
Peter and Diana Elia
Jim Freeman and Jing Bourgeois-Freeman
Robert Howard
Thomas and Jennifer Janes
The Loughridge Family
Sandy New
Kathy and Sandy Purdon
Jon and Kathliene Sundt
Carin Canale-Theakston and Hillary Theakston
Steve and Connie Tobias
Jeff Von Behren ’90 and Alison Alpert
Frances Hamilton White

Sustaining Donors: $25,000-$49,999
The Bjorg Family
Gil and Katie Brady
Randall and Michael Clark
Julie and Jennifer Dunne
Richard and Jessica Effress
Graeme Gabriel and Simone Kanter
Tori and Aaron Haberman
Shawn Hagerty and Hayley Peterson
Lisa and Jason ’87 Khoury
Ashish and Jyoti Masih
Marc Matys and Robert Gleason
George and Traci Stuart
Ted Tchang ’81 and Alice Mo
Shawn and Julia Tobias

Supporting Donors: $5,000-$24,999
The Arbogast Family
Homayoun and Shahrzad Ardjmand
The Aslanoba Family
Mark Cafferty and Charlene Kakimoto
Weijen Chang and Laurie Housman
James Nicholas Cole and Victoria Stone Cole
Courtney Ann Coyle and Steven P. McDonald
Susan and Blair Davey
Don Epstein
Susan Hansen Fox ’86 and Eric Fox
Andrea and Steve Frost
The Gutekunst Family
Marion Henry and Andrew Colyer
Randy Jones
James and Michele Joyce
Jim and Erin Kaese
Susan Lester and Petra Mertens
James and Leslie Levinson
The Levitt Family
The Lezny Family
Noelle Khoury Ludwig ’91 and Timothy Ludwig
Jenny and Wes Mudge
JoAnna and Dominic Munafo
Fredrick Seeger ’72
Jeff and Kate Smith
Ned and Carol Spieker
Brian Strauss
Lawrence and Mary Taylor
Timothy Watt and Melly Sani
David and Vinit Wellis
Daniel White and Cynthia Schaeffer
The Wohl Family
Kevin and Shawna Yaley

List as of 6/30/2017


Campaign Co-Chair:
Robert Gleason

Campaign Steering Committee
and Ex-Officio Members:

Jing Bourgeois
Diana Casey
Kristie Diamond
Graeme Gabriel
Robert Howard
Cathy Lutge
Patsy Marino
Jeff Silberman ’75, Board of Trustees Chair
Meghan Spieker
Jeff Von Behren ’90
Caroline Wohl ’86

Shara Freeman Hoefel
Head of Advancement
Francis Parker School
858 / 874-3374
6501 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111