Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Heart of Campus?



The Heart of Campus is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that will transform the Linda Vista Campus. This project will enhance the Parker student experience, deepen the educational program, strengthen the School’s financial position and unlock opportunities for future improvements to the Campus.

This project is a continuation of the $75 million Generations Campaign. From 2004 to 2009, renovations on both Campuses marked a period of significant progress for Parker. The Linda Vista Campus was modernized with state-of-the-art facilities, focusing on academics and the arts in creating an open-campus setting. Additionally, the Mission Hills Campus was renovated and expanded to include a premier library, science labs, and multi-purpose spaces. 

The renewal process continues with a landmark entry into a central plaza that unifies the east and west sides of the Linda Vista Campus. At the center of the project is a two-story Student Life Center that includes collaborative meeting and workspaces, indoor and outdoor commons, indoor café, an outdoor dining terrace overlooking Mission Valley and a full-service commercial kitchen.

Also included is a two-level underground parking facility located directly below the Student Life Center which increases available on-site parking spaces from 279 to 517. This facility will provide every faculty and staff member, authorized student drivers and 40 guests with a parking space on campus.

When will construction of the Heart of Campus begin and end?

Construction began March 2017. We anticipate the Heart of Campus will be completed in fall 2018. We will communicate with the Parker community all updates to the project timeline and provide a live feed of the construction process to keep everyone updated in real time.  

Tell me more about Drop-off/Pick-up and Dining Services.

Drop-off and Pick-upGrade 11 and 12 students will enter and exit parking spaces at the same time vehicles drop-off or pick-up students. To ensure safety, a single drive aisle will be created to accommodate all vehicles, managing the flow of traffic.  A pedestrian pathway will accommodate foot traffic.  Families are encouraged to consider carpooling with other Parker families and/or bus options to help reduce the total number of vehicles entering and exiting campus through construction.


Dining Services Our food service provider, CulinArt, will continue to offer the same service and quality of food to which we are accustomed and enjoy daily. Food service will be in modular buildings located in the parking lot behind the Peters Family Building. Serving areas will continue to have two hot food lines, self-serve deli, salad bar, refreshments and grab-and-go options. These facilities will be inspected and approved by appropriate agencies to ensure proper food preparation and serving. Middle School students will make use of the existing outdoor picnic tables with umbrellas in a dining area closer to the main Middle School classroom building.  Upper School students will make use of a renovated quad area south of Nicholas Commons.  A large shade sail structure will provide relief from the sun during lunch and remain a permanent shade option for years to come. Students will eat in designated classrooms if there is inclement weather. 


Middle School and Upper School Athletics and Physical EducationThe project requires the demolition of the Middle School Gym and the outdoor sport court. Accordingly, we have built a regulation-size outdoor sport court in the Middle School Courtyard, and an outdoor court built with a Nike Grind surface alongside the existing Field House. All levels of Middle School and Upper School team basketball and volleyball will continue at full capacity during construction.  


If you have more questions about procedures and operations, please contact Mike Cain at 858-569-7900 ext. 4132.

Where will students and faculty and staff park?


Student Parking – All registered student drivers in Grades 11 and 12 will park in available Campus parking during construction.

On the Linda Vista Campus there will be two parking lots reserved for students:

  • The lot behind the Peters Family Building (#500) will be for students who arrive prior to 7:30 am; these students will not be permitted to exit during the school day until buses have departed.
  • The existing main student lot will be for students who arrive at 7:30 am or later.

No reserved spaces will be assigned. We recommend families consider using School bus transportation. Please visit here for more information.

Faculty and Staff Parking – Parking lots have been secured for full-time faculty and staff that work on the Linda Vista Campus:  Bahá’í Center  (open parking other than reserved signs) and Church of the Nazarene (numbered spots only).

San Diego Bahá’í Center
6545 Alcala Knolls Drive
San Diego, California 92111

Church of the Nazarene
6736 Linda Vista Rd
San Diego, CA 92111

Shuttle service will be provided at specific times between 7:00 am to 5:30 pm to and from the Church of the Nazarene parking lot. For Parker employees who arrive before scheduled shuttle service, plan to stay after 5:30 pm or do not wish to move their car on Campus after 3:30 pm, street parking is suggested on Via Las Cumbres.

Street Parking – We ask faculty and staff to consider our neighbors when choosing where to park.  We encourage the faculty and staff to park in assigned lots or utilize alternative ways of travel to and from School.

Guest Parking – A very limited number of spaces will be available for Admissions guests only.

Buses and Bus Service – During the Heart of Campus project, we do not anticipate a major impact on the School-owned buses logistics.  Mission Hills-Linda Vista student shuttle service remains unchanged and bus parking is not impacted. We anticipate that faculty and staff may choose to park in Mission Hills and take the cross-Campus shuttle to and from Linda Vista Campus.

However, away team or field trip charter buses or other vehicles attempting to enter the main gate will be rerouted.  We ask all motorists to plan and coordinate the pick-up and drop-off for these buses or vehicles at the MTS stop located at our main gate.

Events – It is recommended that Parker meetings are held off-site or at our Mission Hills Campus. We ask that stakeholders work with Linda Ruggles and Marsha Gygax at the Lower School to schedule meetings on that Campus. Should the need arise to accommodate a large number of people on the Linda Vista Campus, it is suggested that the event start at 3:30 pm or later, or on weekends.


Why is Parker building the Heart of Campus?


The Heart of Campus project fulfills Parker’s Strategic Plan for developing a Student Life Center, providing increased on-campus parking, building a stronger, long-term financial foundation, and developing a future-focused master facilities plan to meet Parker’s evolving academic programs. 

Additionally, this project improves safety and security for the Parker community by providing sufficient on-site underground parking for all faculty, staff, student drivers and visitors. By taking cars off neighborhood streets and placing them on School property, the project improves the safety of Parker drivers and pedestrians by reducing the need for each to cross Linda Vista Road. 

How will the Heart of Campus strengthen the School’s educational programs and financial position?

The Heart of Campus is truly distinctive when compared to any other project the School has undertaken in recent years. Over the past decade, Parker has expanded its programs in many disciplines—robotics, engineering, math, athletics, arts, theater and digital media, to cite a few. Recent renovations to the Linda Vista Campus provide ample space for Parker to accommodate modest growth in student enrollment. This project will further strengthen our academic, arts and athletic programs by giving Parker the capacity to accept additional students who bring talents and backgrounds, enriching the overall educational experience.

How will the Heart of Campus improve drop-off and pick-up as well as enhance student safety?

A new campus driveway on Northrim Court will improve traffic flow in and out of campus. A traffic signal at the intersection of Northrim Court and Linda Vista Road will ease circulation and increase safety for all motorists. Other important safety improvements include:

  • An on-site parking structure with ample lighting and security monitors.
  • A new exit lane from Northrim Court providing both dedicated right-hand turn and left-hand turn lanes onto Linda Vista Road.
  • A campus traffic monitor assigned to the Northrim Court driveway regulating the merging of cars onto Northrim Court.
  • A new median on Linda Vista Road preventing unsignaled left-hand turns in and out of campus.
Who is leading, building and designing the Heart of Campus project?


The School is fortunate to have a talented and dedicated team leading this project: immediate past Board Chairs, Jeff Silberman ‘75, Kathy Purdon, and William D. Jones, and Parker’s Head of School, Kevin Yaley. The School also procured an impressive team of traffic engineers, land-use attorneys, and communications specialists to support this project.

The design and construction of the Heart of Campus will be completed by TB Penick and the architectural firm of Domus Studio. Parker has hired the firm of B&G Consultants to represent Parker on all matters through the construction process.


Will the Heart of Campus architecture design be consistent with the rest of the Linda Vista Campus?


Yes. The previous Linda Vista Campus renovation was directed by the architectural firm of Lake Flato which designed the newest buildings for the Upper and Middle Schools. In designing the Heart of Campus, Domus Studio was committed to honoring the design integrity set by Lake Flato and integrating the natural environment with an “open campus” style.

How is Parker financing the Heart of Campus?

The School will continue to rely on three main sources of funding for the $20.2 million Heart of Campus project. As with earlier construction projects, the first funding source is philanthropy from Parker families, grandparents, trustees, alumni and parents of alumni. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we raised over $6 million for the Heart of Campus. 

The other two sources of funding are monies available from the School’s strategic refinancing in 2013 and a fixed rate, low interest loan. These three sources ensure the School’s financial stability and promote a culture of giving.